The story behind

Our Story

We started as Generation Z MNL back in 2018. This all started as a passion that Ryan
(the founder) had since he was a high-school kid. He had this passion to create shirt designs and present them to his parents but got all the disapproval he can get from anyone.

No one actually believed he can push through with this but 2020 came, and this vision from high-school sparked his passion on creating designs and now with the knowledge of creating businesses, he started this once more, unbranded GenZMNL and rebranded as The Blanc Lab Apparel Co.

Est. 2018        3 Designers       One audience

The target is to reach global markets, but for now, we aim to reach Philippines from top to bottom.

Working with a few of the best graphic designers, we pursue to match garment quality with designs that not only will look good, but with meaning that people stand to believe in.

In behalf of Team BLANC, we thank you for all the support and wishes to making this brand produce great products and have a successful future.
People having our product means more to us than it’s monetary equivalent. It shows that there are people believing in the original vision that I have when I started this venture.
Transforming normal clothing pieces to bring honor and glory to Jesus and His kingdom.

Ryan Salvador
Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Blanc Lab Apparel Co.