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The sentence at the side of the cap says “This is still a prototype, but His hands and grace is what makes it good.”

Being proud of being a “prototype” is something you should be proud of. Making your way through the harshness of life and living your life while being struck by a lot of challenges? See yourself, how strong you became over the months where you think you can’t even make your way through.

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The headwear that says it all.

The final logo rendered and embroidered to last a lifetime! This is the only prototype version of our designs that actually made the production line.

Wear this and show that being a prototype / work in progress as human is not a bad thing. It is a good sign that shows that you care about yourself and improving it every single day.


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Blacks, Whites

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Nothing beats the classics and the Blanc™ Originals. Made available in black and white. Produced in 100% Cotton (Tees) and Brushed Terry Cotton (Hoodies) to give the warmth your body needs. We produce very limited quantities each year. Get yours now!

Hoodies Starts at Php 1,899
Tees Starts at Php 600

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