blanc™ Original Tee


The logo in this shirt was the first logo drafted before The Blanc Lab Apparel Co. became “blanc.”

Blanc is a french word that means light or white. We always believe that always being in the lighter side of life will help make our lives a little bit better every single day. Wearing this symbolizes that strength for even when we are at our weakest, there will be light to those who seek Him.

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Nothing beats the classic.

This is our first iteration of the originals. Even if we won’t be releasing any of these in the future, we will always remember this Tee as the first branded Tee we released.

We proudly show the brand in a plain black or white shirt to identify us of our roots and where we are right now.


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Fabric Blend

100% Cotton


Plastisol Ink


Blacks, Whites


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


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Nothing beats the classics and the Blanc™ Originals. Made available in black and white. Produced in 100% Cotton (Tees) and Brushed Terry Cotton (Hoodies) to give the warmth your body needs. We produce very limited quantities each year. Get yours now!

Hoodies Starts at Php 1,899
Tees Starts at Php 600

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